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Why is it important to have an entrance mat?

Most dirt inside a building has been brought in from the outside on people’s footwear, making it vital that there is a necessary entrance mat for people to wipe their shoes when entering.

If you break down the cost of cleaning a building you have you think about labour cost, buying cleaning equipment and electricity costs. That’s excluding replacement carpets, repairing wooden floors. Dirt can be an expensive business!

What can you do to keep costs down? Purchase an entrance mat! Entrance mats are perfect for helping to contain dirt and debris so it is not entered into your building. They are incredible easy to clean and come in a range of different colours, sizes and materials depending on what is best for your premises.

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How to help prevent slips and falls at work?

Everyone knows that slips and falls can happen easily so precautions needs to be taken in certain workplaces to ensure the utmost safety for staff and guests.

The food and bar industry can be particularly dangerous due to sharp tools, high temperatures, spillages or greasy floors. Slips and falls are common which can lead to serious injuries so it is extremely important to make sure you minimise the risk of accidents by using rubber non slip safety mats. These should be placed at workstations where spillages regularly occur or where floors slope or get particularly greasy.

If there has been a spill or wet floor then it’s important to place a double sided floor signs next to the spill to alert people walking by.

How can a logo mat be beneficial for your company?

Mats are not only used for practicality, they can do wonders for your bank balance too. A high quality logo mat would provide a welcoming first impression for all customers and visitors. They compliment your business by showcasing the business name, logo or slogan which will reinforce your brand, which can help build more customers or clients. On top of all of that, a logo mat will help keep your floors clean, safe and looking good.

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How can you prevent foot fatigue?

For workers who spend for hours a day walking or standing, foot fatigue can be a serious problem. There are a few different ways to address or prevent foot fatigue:

1. Wear comfortable shoes- Although you may have to look professional at all times it is still important to wear shoes that do not make your feet sore.

2. Rest is best- When you are on a break sit or lie down to rest your feet. Even 5 minutes will make a difference to foot fatigue.

3. Ice your feet- Ice your feet if they are inflamed or sore. You can do this by putting ice cubes and water in a bucket and resting your feet in it or by using ice packs for up to 30 minutes.

4. Massage you feet- Massaging your feet will help circulation and eliminate fatigue.

5. Invest in an anti-fatigue mat- Ask your employer to get an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are especially designed to facilitate circulation in the feet and legs.

How do I choose the right entrance matting?

Creating zones is the most effective way in choosing your entrance matting. NBB Matting recommends four zones for maximum ‘dirt barrier’ performance – so let us ‘walk’ you through them:

  • Zone 1 – Exterior

Robust matting which has been designed in delivering effective scraping action to remove the worst of the dirt and grit – making sure it’s left outside the door

NBB Matting Recommends: Oct-o-Mat

  • Zone 2 – Interim

Tough and durable matting that carries on the work of the exterior matting ‘zone’ – continuing to remove the last of the most damaging soil and grit, whilst continuing with the drying process

NBB Matting Recommends: Premier Track Tiles

  • Zone 3 – Inside

With the worst of the moisture and debris now dealt with in the previous ‘zones’, secondary internal matting is a high specification, high performance product that finishes the dust removal and drying in the last zone

NBB Matting Recommends: Herringbone Mat

  • Zone 4 – Making a lasting impression

By now all of the moisture, dirt and debris has been removed and now is your opportunity to make a lasting impression with a bespoke Logo Mat – giving you the ideal opportunity to showcase your company, school or organisation.

NBB Matting Recommends: Bespoke Logo Mat

How do I maintain my NBB mat?

Everyday Cleaning

Most of our mats are washable at 30°C (as indicated in product description) and can either be vacuumed or swept clean with a broom. We recommend on certain mats that a periodic shampooing is beneficial.

Stain Removal

Usually a sponge or a cloth with hot soapy water will be sufficient enough for the removal of most stains – for tougher stains such as grease or oil we recommend you to use a dry cleaning product in small amounts.


NBB Matting advises that mats should be laid flat for long term storage. Be careful not to ‘crush’ the matting pile by placing heavy items on top of the mat.


Once your mat has been washed, place it in an inclined position to drain and air dry.

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