Buyer's Guide

Unsure which mat you need? Take a look at our useful guide below.

Exterior matting

These door mats are designed to protect carpets and interior matting in the event of snow, mud and extreme weather. One mat in particular that is fantastically good at this is the Oct-o-Mat. It has a raised profile and large holes designed to drain moisture and mud from the bottoms of your shoes. If your walkways or entrance halls are in areas prone to lots of mud and rain, these outdoor mats are essential.

Custom Logo Mats

Design your own logo mat to create a lasting impression on your visitors and project your company or school name!

To create your own logo mat all you need to do is simply fill out our design order form and send it to us via fax, email or post along with an order. You can choose up to 8 colours for your mat and we can reproduce almost any logo! We will then send you a proof of your artwork to proof and use our state of the art technology to create your mat, which ensures the images and colours are faithfully reproduced.

These high quality mats are available in 2 qualities, Standard or Premium, catering for all budgets.

Office Matting

We have a range of mats to facilitate the comings and goings of businesses in the working day, we also supply matting for inside the office to help things run as smoothly as possible. For example, our polycarbonate mats are designed to shield carpets and hard floors from the damage caused by foot traffic and office chairs. Do you always need to move your desk chair to someone's desk for briefings? The Polycarbonate Mat will help you do that effortlessly, potentially reducing muscle strain. These mats are also free of any chemicals that could harm you and fire resistant. Also, keep your health and safety officer happy by looking at our cable mats and cable protector range.


Slips, trips and falls are some of the UK's most common workplace accidents. To help make your workplace safer we have a range of anti-slip products, such as Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers, Nosings & Landing Covers. We also offer our popular Anti-Slip Safety Matting which is suitable for the harshest of environments which reduce the risk of slips and trips during the winter months.

Entrance Matting

Entrance mats will often be the very first thing a customer will see upon entering your premises, so it goes without saying that the mat should leave the best possible impression of your company or school. Our entrance matting is designed to be rock hard with regards to its durability and yet made with a high quality loop pile textile construction. Our Best Selling Water Guzzler for example, is designed to absorb mud and water from your shoes. This kind of mat is absolutely perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic like school entrances and bank entrances. They're also highly attractive and come in four colours.